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From: Ted Morgan (
Date: 12/06/00

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    I appreciate Jeff's comments here re. Israel's attack and re. the Israel Lobby
    vs. the S. A. Apartheid lobby.  Compelling points, both.  I just have been
    selective in what I've been able to respond to, which is why I didn't respond
    earlier.  In my case, at least, and I suspect in general, Jeff's conclusion that
    "I guess there are some 60s events that are better not talked about.about" is
    not merited.   I don't think what you said somehow ran counter to some
    ideological consensus on this list, Jeff, if that's what you meant.
    Ted Morgan
    Jeffrey Blankfort wrote:
    > The following page by me appeared in the 1990 City Lights Review edited
    > by poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti and Nancy Peters. I think it makes the
    > point that I've been trying to make in a somewhat different way.  There
    > are those people who argue that the power of the pro-Israel lobby,
    > simply known as "the lobby" in Washington, is overrated. But they are
    > not the politicians who know better and who know that it is easier and
    > politically safer to speak out against US policy anywhere in the world
    > than publicly challenge Israel.
    > I have noticed, by the way, that there has not been a single comment on
    > this list regarding my posting on Israel's attack on the USS Liberty on
    > June 8, 1967 which killed 34 US sailors and wounded 171 others... and
    > which led subsequent Israeli governments to correctly understand that
    > they can get away with anything, including killing Americans. I guess
    > there are some 60s events that are better not talked about.
    > Jeff Blankfort
    > If South Africa had a lobby
    > as powerful as the Israeli lobby...
    > * Nelson Mandela would not be free.
    > * There would be no sanctions against South Africa.
    > * South Africa would be the largest recipient of US aid.
    > * The African National Congress would still be outlawed.
    > * Congress would have endorsed the idea that apartheid is not racism.
    > * Pro-apartheid forces cloaked as peace-makers would try to control
    > the      anti-apartheid movement.
    > * Public television would require "balanced" reporting to counter
    > anti-apartheid programs.
    > * Journalists. academics and others who criticized apartheid would be
    > targets of character assasinations.
    > * The struggle of the Boers against the British for control of South
    > Africa would be considered a "national liberation struggle."
    > * South Africa would ultimately be defended as the only "democracy" in
    > Africa.
    > *__________________________________________________________________
    >    (Fill in whatever we forgot and send to your local congressperson)
    >          (First of a series of Public Service Advisories)
    > Jeffrey Blankfort

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