[sixties-l] alternative spellings and history

From: PNFPNF@aol.com
Date: 12/06/00

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    In a recent post, Bill Mandel noted using the word "holocaust" not 
    "Holocaust" to refer to certain events of the early 1940s; while I understand 
    the wish to avoid the Zionist use of the latter spelling/capitalization, I 
    tend--with, I think, most folks--to the capitalized form much as one uses 
    other terms for major historic events, periods, etc., without necessarily 
    commitment to a view some originators of the term may have held (e.g., 
    "Reformation")--at least where, as here, the lowercase term has a separate, 
    only barely overlapping, meaning.   In any case, however "Holocaust" 
    originated, the term as generally used has lost the Zionist connotations, to 
    my knowledge.
      Oh well, this has as much to do with the 60s as have 2/3 the election 

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