Re: [sixties-l] RE: The US election crisis: why Attack Nader not Gore = Bush?

From: buzzanco (
Date: 12/04/00

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    I've tried to shy away from this so-called discussion, and I don't know Tom
    Nagy so I won't try to speak for him, but I share his, and others'
    frustration on the thread regarding Nader.  I joined the 60s list to get a
    break from the mainstream media and the conventional wisdom.  No, there's
    no party line, but I expected to engage in a different dialogue on the 60s,
    their meaning and what we can learn from them.
    The recent thread on Nader has been nothing short of disheartening if not
    disgusting.  Go ahead and bash me as an impudent young punk [I was born in
    1960s so didn't really experience the decade] but I don't understand you
    people of that generation, and allegedly committed to the ideals of that
    generation, can so virulently criticize Nader and his supporters.  I'm
    reminded of Joseph Welch: have you people no sense of decency.
    I'm no big fan of the electoral system--and I think a better thread would
    consist of discussions on what the point of voting, of ratifying elite
    decisions is--but I've simply become incredulous at the pontificating and
    smug attacks on Nader supporters.  How fucking dare you attack someone for
    voting for Nader, for progressive ideas!  If you believe in this system of
    voting, if you believe in democracy--whether it be virtual, representative,
    or participatory--then each person has the right to vote for whomever
    she/he wishes, and how fucking dare you attack someone for that, especially
    when their vote is cast for the only progressive candidate with exposure
    running.  I didn't vote for the president here in Texas, and would have
    voted for David McReynolds if I'd had the chance, but I'll be damned if I
    let some Democratic apologists rip me for that.  
    Frankly, the discourse on this list reminds me of the crap I read and hear
    every day in most mainstream venues.  And I get far too much email already
    and don't really need more of that.  When the people on this list begin to
    parrot Joe Biden, Kate Michaelman, and the other liberals who've attacked
    Nader, I cringe.  
    I really am optimistic about the future.  I see young people all over
    challenging authority on many different levels.  They're fortunately not
    swayed by the alarmism of old liberals and their "Chicken Little" attitudes
    about Bush and Gore [and speaking as a Texas resident, Bush isn't as
    different as Ann Richards as you'd like to think.  You may not want to hear
    that, but there's hard evidence for it].  I do hope that they have the good
    sense to make up their own minds and not fall into the trap of reflexive
    support for whichever corporate whore/war monger the Democrats happen to run.

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