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From: radman (resist@best.com)
Date: 12/04/00

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    I print these recent postings (below) from the Sixties List message board,
    without comment, except to remind citizens of the price we have paid for
    surrendering the liberal arts divisions of our universities to the
    communist left.
    December 2, 2000
    For those who feel that Iraqi children are not fully human, comparisons of
    the Democrats and Republicans to Hitler are indeed strained.
    But it is only fair to point out that according to the Holocaust Museum,
    Hitler killed approximately 1.2 million Jewish kids under the age of 13 in
    the concentration camps (further diagregation unavailable). How does that
    compare with the U.S. kid body count in Iraq?
    The U.S. government has killed, conservatively, 1/2 million Iraq kids
    under the under the age of 5 with its sanctions, courtesy of Gore's
    Democrats and Bush's Republicans. Both of these p.r.-enhanced "Hitlers"
    are fully committed to continuation of the sanctions. On all the
    candidates, only Nader condemned the genocide by sanctions consistently,
    repeatedly, and unequivocally.
    I agree with Ms. Cox and feel that refusal to face ugly but very real
    facts about the closeness of the Democrats and Republicans to Hitler on
    genocide, especially genocide directed against children is somewhere
    between pathetic and contemptible.
    Killing off the children of Iraq is, of course hardly a deviation for the
    Democrats and Republicans. There's the "apology" by Clinton and Albright
    (hey, where were Gore and Lieberman?) for the U.S.'s shameful blocking of
    moves to prevent genocide in Rwanda (see Ch. 15 of the "Report of Emminent
    Also when, inconveniently, the truth commission, partly funded by the
    U.S., concluded that the U.S-funded killing machine committed genocide in
    Guatemala, Clinton apologized -- but of course the apology did not keep
    him and his Demo-Repub cronies from continued funding of the genocide of
    the Kurds by Turkey or the continuous shredding of the Geneva Convention
    by Israel, as it uses U.S.-supplied rockets, tanks and artillery to deal
    with the "threat"of Palestinian kids throwing rocks to protest Israeli
    This Sixties List needs a serious reality check. Is it about the spirit of
    the 60's, or keeping in power the same Demos and indistinguishable (or
    scarcely distinguishable) Republicans who murdered the Vietnamese by the
    Tom Nagy
    George Washington University
    Tony Edmonds wrote:
     > Carrol Cox wrote:
     > We have no friends in either of the parties. To speak of being between
    them is as silly as > to speak of being between Hitler and Goebbels.
    Isn't this analogy pretty strained, indeed insulting? Whatever their
    flaws, Bush and Gore are no Hitler and Stalin!
    Tony Edmonds
    Ball State University
    David Horowitz is editor-in-chief of FrontPageMagazine.com and president
    of the Center for the Study of Popular Culture.

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