[sixties-l] Fwd: Former student radical weeps at German friend's terrorism trial

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Date: 12/02/00

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    >November 24, 2000
    >Former student radical weeps at German friend's terrorism trial
    >Associated Press Writer
    >FRANKFURT, Germany (AP) _ Former student radical leader Daniel
    >Cohn-Bendit wept at an ex-terrorist's trial for murder Thursday
    >after testifying how his old friend drifted into militancy and
    >became involved in the 1975 attack on a conference of OPEC oil
    >The Frankfurt court briefly interrupted the trial after
    >Cohn-Bendit, now a Greens party representative in the European
    >Parliament, broke into tears during testimony that portrayed
    >defendant Hans-Joachim Klein as an idealist preyed on by recruiters
    >of the Revolutionary Cells terrorist group.
    >``There were two Kleins: the tender one who wanted to help, and
    >the militant one,'' Cohn-Bendit said. ``Klein overidentified with
    >the injustices of this world and always went a bit too far.''
    >Klein, 52, is charged with three counts of murder and three of
    >attempted murder in the OPEC attack in Vienna, Austria, allegedly
    >led by the international terrorist Carlos the Jackal. Klein denies
    >shooting any of those slain _ an OPEC employee, an Iraqi bodyguard
    >and an Austrian policeman.
    >Cohn-Bendit, a leader of 1968 student protests in Paris who
    >knows Klein from Frankfurt's early-1970s leftist scene, has said he
    >helped his friend financially after Klein renounced terrorism while
    >in hiding in 1977. In court, he said Klein had been about to
    >surrender to German authorities when he was arrested in a French
    >village in 1998.
    >Klein was fascinated in the early '70s with international
    >left-wing causes and terrorism, but became disenchanted with the
    >violence, Cohn-Bendit testified.
    >``Suddenly he realized what this world was really about,'' he
    >said, adding that he met Klein under cover in the early '80s and
    >found ``he was unspeakably ashamed, like a little child that
    >realized what it has done.''
    >During the Dec. 21, 1975 attack, Klein was wounded by a gunshot
    >to the stomach. The terrorists took 70 hostages and, after
    >negotiating their escape with Austrian authorities, flew to Algeria
    >with 35 of them. Klein and Carlos the Jackal disappeared and
    >reportedly took refuge in the Middle East.
    >Klein avoided capture until his Sept. 8, 1998 arrest in a
    >village in the Normandy region of France, where he had lived under
    >an assumed name for five years. He was extradited to Germany for
    >Carlos the Jackal, a Venezuelan whose real name is Ilich Ramirez
    >Sanchez, was arrested in Sudan in 1994 and is serving a life
    >sentence in France for three other murders.

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