[sixties-l] Fwd: Al-Amin camp finds conflicts

From: radman (resist@best.com)
Date: 12/02/00

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    >  Al-Amin camp finds conflicts
    >Joshua B. Good - Staff
    >Wednesday, November 15, 2000
    >Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin hopes the color of his eyes and the words of a dying
    >  man will set him free.
    >Al-Amin, the former 1960s radical once known as H. Rap Brown, is accused of
    >fatally shooting a Fulton County sheriff's deputy and wounding another in
    >  an exchange of gunfire March 16.
    >Al-Amin's defense attorney found quotes from both deputies in police
    >  evidence that help Al-Amin. The quotes were cited in two of 84 pretrial
    >  pleadings filed in court this week.
    >The survivor, Deputy Aldranon English, was adamant that the gunman's eyes
    >  were gray, according to one pretrial motion.
    >"My mom always told me, 'Look a man in his eye, always look a man in his
    >  eyes,' " English is quoted as saying. "So I remember 'cause I was looking
    >  at him in his eyes. . . . I remember them (being) gray eyes."
    >Al-Amin's eyes are dark brown, not gray.
    >Before dying, Deputy Ricky Kinchen told fellow deputies: "I shot him. I
    >  know I shot him," according to one defense motion. Al-Amin was arrested
    >March 20 and he was not injured.
    >In an interview before Al-Amin's arrest, English claimed he, too, had shot
    >  the suspect.
    >Police found a blood trail at the scene leading to an abandoned house and
    >  received reports that night of a wounded man trying to flag down a ride
    >  five blocks away. Police and prosecutors have not explained the blood trail
    >  or the wounded man. On Tuesday, defense lawyers and prosecutors would not
    >  comment.
    >English identified Al-Amin as the shooter. Both deputies went to Atlanta's
    >  West End neighborhood to arrest Al-Amin on warrants.
    >The discrepancies about eye color and the killer being wounded appear to be
    >  a big part of Al-Amin's defense.
    >Al-Amin's lawyer, Jack Martin, wants the judge to prevent English from
    >identifying Al-Amin as the gunman in court because the discrepancy about
    >  the eye color and the fact Al-Amin was not wounded suggest "the strong
    >  likelihood of a misidentification," one motion reads.
    >ON THE WEB: Discuss the case against Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin:
    >  www.accessatlanta.com/community/yourtown/forum/fulton.html

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