Re: [sixties-l] Response to US-Nazi comparison

From: Carrol Cox (
Date: 12/02/00

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    > Also, to say that the Soviet Union did not "export" terror is also specious.
    How many nations had Soviet troops settled on them? Have you ever
    read Alex Cockburn's count of the death totals from state action
    in Eastern Europe and in Central America? You are simply raving
    because it is simply inconceivable to Americans, even most of
    those on the left or who were part of the anti-war movement in
    the '60s, that America could be in any really serious way the
    "bad guy." It is amazing how few are willing to apply Chomsky's
    criterion: Judge the U.S. by the same standards other nations
    are judged by.
    An economist on another list estimated that the death toll
    inflicted by the IMF has reached about 21 million.
    There is a rogue nation loose in the world. Unless more of
    the citizens of that rogue nation can be brought to see how
    horrible a threat their nation is, the future for all humanity
    is bleak.
    I bet you cut U.S. soldiers a lot more slack than you would
    give the Japanese Imperial soldiers of WW 2. Why? They
    were both conscript armies.
    It looks as though in the long run the greatest damage that
    Hitler will have done to the human species is by providing
    cover for other criminal nations.
    How many Red Army troops were ever stationed in
    South America? In India? In Africa? In the Mideast?
    (Stalin withdrew the Red Army from Iran. That perhaps
    was one of his worst crimes.

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