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From: Ted Morgan (
Date: 12/01/00

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    Just one question re. Peter Levy's comments.  Peter states that in 1968,
    "many new leftists made the mistake of welcoming George Wallace's rise in
    the 1960s, thinking that they could outcompete the Alabama governor for the
    hearts and minds of the disaffected in America."
    I wonder how accurate this really is, or how extensive "many new leftists"
    was, and would be interested in any documentation Peter can offer (I expect
    from his work on the New Left & Labor).  I can understand this as an
    emotional response to the HHH-Nixon face-off, but wonder how much more there
    really was.  On the other hand, I have looked some at the mass media in the
    immediate aftermath of Chicago '68, and it is striking how the news
    magazines immediately pick up on (help to spur) a rightist/reactionary
    "shift" in public opinion" IMMEDIATELY after Chicago.  In fact, some of the
    cover stories in Time & Newsweek are immensely revealing of the mass media's
    take on 60s movements at that time --all perjorative, dismissive as linked
    to Dr. Spock upbringing, etc.  This kind of mass media coverage as we know
    helps to "frame" public discourse and, subsequently, public memory.
    Ted Morgan

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