[sixties-l] Fwd: Germany: RAF Suspect Goes On Trial

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Date: 12/01/00

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    >From: "red-rebel" <red-rebel@supanet.com>
    >Subject: Germany: RAF Suspect Goes On Trial - FAZ
    >Date: Fri, 1 Dec 2000 09:17:59 -0000
    >Suspected RAF Terrorist Goes on Trial
    >STUTTGART. Amid high security, the trial of a
    >suspected member of the Red
    >Army Faction began here on Tuesday. Andrea Klump,
    >43, has been charged with
    >two counts of attempted murder, collusion to murder
    >and belonging to a
    >terrorist group.
    >Ms. Klump pleaded not guilty and denied ever having
    >been a member of the
    >Red Army Faction, a left-wing terrorist group. But
    >the federal public
    >prosecutor's office maintains that the
    >Wiesbaden-born woman became active
    >in the 1970s, when the group's activities were at
    >their peak, and was a
    >full-fledged member from 1984 to 1998. She was
    >arrested last year in
    >Vienna. During the arrest, her companion, Horst
    >Ludwig Meyer, another
    >German who was also wanted in connection with Red
    >Army Faction activities,
    >was shot dead.
    >Prosecutors will argue that Ms. Klump and Mr. Meyer
    >planned a 1998 bomb
    >attack on personnel of the North Atlantic Treaty
    >Organization based in
    >Rota, Spain, in the hope of killing as many U.S.
    >soldiers as possible. The
    >attack was foiled when the bomb failed to detonate.
    >The two suspected
    >terrorists fled, taking a British family hostage but
    >ultimately leaving it
    >unharmed. A verdict is expected early next year.
    >November 28
    >Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung 2000

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