[sixties-l] AP: Wellstone accidentally sprayed with herbicide during policedemonstration]

From: Carrol Cox (cbcox@ilstu.edu)
Date: 12/01/00

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    Does anyone want to seriously argue that anyone holding
    a friendly meeting with Colombian police can be considered
    a progressive?
    		As Wellstone returns to the United States on 
    		Friday, he said he will try to insist that 
    		Colombia gets no more U.S. aid unless it 
    		improves its human rights record.
    __________	============================================
    Friday, 1 December 2000
    		Wellstone accidentally sprayed with herbicide 
    			during police demonstration 
    TARASA, Colombia -- Sen. Paul Wellstone and his foreign delegation were
    sprayed with a mist of herbicide as they watched the Colombian National
    Police demonstrate a new approach to fumigating coca, the raw product
    to produce cocaine.

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