From: Sdsrebels@aol.com
Date: 11/29/00

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    Sorry you missed the film in NY.  I don't know when it will show there again 
    ^ although the film will show on campuses after it finishes in regular 
    theaters, so it will show again around New York.  
    And for anyone else interested...
    We're still concentrating on showings in theaters around the country (Film 
    shows Dec 1-7 at the UC Theater in Berkeley) but our distributor will also be 
    lining up campus showings.  Our website is pretty minimal but we do try to 
    post showings coming up in various cities around the country, so check 
    www.sdsrebels.com every so often. 
    Helen Garvy (director, Rebels with a Cause)  
    26873 Hester Creek Rd
    Los Gatos, Ca  95033
    (408) 353-4253

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