Re: [sixties-l] Re: Nader Fiasco

From: Carrol Cox (
Date: 11/29/00

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    Tony Edmonds wrote:
    > Carrol Cox wrote:
    > >We have no friends in either of the parties. To speak of being
    > >between them is as silly as to speak of being between Hitler
    > >and Goebbels.
    > Isn't this analogy pretty strained, indeed insulting.  Whatever their flaws,
    > Bush and Gore are no Hitler and Stalin!
    Three points.
    The post I was responding to suggested that a third party could prosper
    only by being "between" the two parties. But as many recognize, there is
    no room between the two parties.
    My image was being between Hitler & Goebbels. I said nothing of
    And now a more substantial point. The oligarchy that rules the U.S.
    through its single party with two faces is, on the whole, less harsh
    on the population of the U.S. than Hitler was on the population of
    Germany. But from the viewpoint of the *rest* of the world,
    certainly the U.S. today (and for the last 50 years) has been a
    far greater threat than the Third Reich was.
    And while I made no reference one way or the other to the USSR,
    I will add now that whatever one may think of the domestic policy
    of the Soviet Union, it was never a serious threat to the remainder
    of the human species, as the U.S. Empire certainly is. So supporting
    *either* Bush or Gore is the equivalent (from the perspective of
    world history) of supporting Hitler in Germany in 1933.

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