Re: [sixties-l] Re: Hitchins on Nader

From: monkerud (
Date: 11/24/00

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    I'm afraid we're just starting to see the grief that Bush will cause. Does
    anyone else fear the neo-fascist protesters in Dade County who have now
    intimidated the election officials from counting the ballots? Talk about a
    stolen election... how many years have the votes been thrown out to favor
    one candidate or the other? Any statistics kept on this? Or is this the
    first time the old cranky machinery for counting votes failed in Florida?
    The local paper has photos, Bush or Revolution... but then American
    politics have always been ugly. Those who have the strongest stomachs
    win.... I'm afraid.
    best, Don Monkerud
    Santa Cruz
    >-----Michael Rossman wrote:
    >>So did
    >>their stupidity in otherwise muting and center-izing his campaign. >
    >But is it not probable that moving away from the center would have cost Gore
    >more votes than it would have gained him.  Holding contsant all other
    >possible factors, it is indisputable that had Nader not run, Gore would have
    >won an unambiguous victory in Florida and the nation would have been spared
    >a good deal of grief, especially if Bush does eke out a victory.
    >Tony Edmonds
    >Ball State Universirty

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