[sixties-l] Dog Burning at Noon more

From: RozNews@aol.com
Date: 11/25/00

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    Detective roz here.  Spoke to Sharon Krebs who told me that dog burning was a 
    project of a film class at the free school.  It was NOT a real action.  She 
    has old catalogs some where in a box.
    Spoke w/ another friend who told me Robert Machover taught that class.
    Robert was in Newsreel and is a friend
    I called Robert last night , and sure enought it was a project his class 
    thought of during the vietnam war.  They staged the event for the film.  
    He thinks that Connie and Jerry Long were part of the class.  Jerry is in 
    Berkeley and I can find Connie she is in Calif.  
    The film was made to teach students to use the camera, write a script, lights 
    Robert is going to look in his film box and he thinks he may have a copy of 
    the film.
    They chose to burn a dog thinking that folks in NYC would care more about 
    burning a dog than the burning of  children in vietnam.  
    I offered to pay to have a video print of the film if he finds it.
    I will let you know what happens,  
    my best, roz payne

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