[sixties-l] A Cry against War: 1972 to Today

From: Jay Moore (research@neravt.com)
Date: 11/25/00

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    Woman wants her picture used as anti-war protest
    VALENCIA, Spain (AP) -- Phan Thi Kim Phuc, the Vietnamese woman who as a
    9-year-old girl was photographed fleeing a 1972 napalm attack, says she
    wants the picture to be used as a protest against wars.
    "This picture is a powerful gift for me to promote peace," Kim Phuc said
    Thursday pointing at the naked and screaming youngster in the
    world-acclaimed photograph by Associated Press photographer Nick Ut, who won
    a Pulitzer Prize.
    "With this photo, I want to tell people how horrible a war can be," said
    37-year-old Kim Phuc, currently president of a humanitarian foundation that
    helps innocent young victims of war.
    Kim Phuc was in this eastern city to attend a three-day international
    conference to plot strategies against rape, wife-beating, sexual
    exploitation and female circumcision.
    Some 1,300 activists from around the world were invited by Spain's Queen
    Sofia Center for the Study of Violence to discuss gender-based violence.
    Kim Phuc, who lives in Canada and has two sons, said that despite the
    passing of time, she has never got over the war, adding that when alone she
    can't look at the picture.
    "It's terrible, it seemed to me like it happened yesterday," she said

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