Re: [sixties-l] Sixties-1 Re: Hitchens on Nader

From: Mark Bunster (
Date: 11/22/00

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    > Here's one on which I agree with Blankfort.      William Mandel
    > Jeffrey Blankfort wrote:
    > > The problem with the analysis by Friedman and others of the same
    mind is
    > > that they assume that those who voted for Nader would have voted
    > > Gore if the former had not been running. Speaking for myself and
    > > I know who voted for Nader, none of us would have voted for Gore
    > > any circumstances. Half the electorate who stayed away from the
    > > box apparently made the same decision.
    I don't think the statistical viability rests on a poll of your group
    of friends. I voted for Nader, but I certainly would have voted for
    Gore in his absence--not of any great love, but because George Bush is
    not someone I'm interested in seeing over and over again for the next
    four years. 
    Most published estimates have run about 40%, as a ratio of Nader
    voters who might have pulled for Al instead. When you consider that at
    this point, about 2% would have made a difference, it's damn near
    impossible to argue that Nader did not cost Gore Florida. On the other
    hand, that Nader was an issue at all suggests Gore wasn't up to the
    task anyway.

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