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    I second or third this response...
    best, Don Monkerud
    At 3:24 PM -0500 11/22/00,  Tom Nagy, Ph.D. wrote:
    >I might fill out your form if you disclosed more  information. I'm
    >beginning to wonder about Yale (if that's really where you are), if
    >student's are encouraged to leave off info such as  supervising
    >professor, willingness to share the results, etc. In the '60s we quickly
    >learned that research is more often directed against people than to
    >benefit people.  Just how will your findings benefit the victims of
    >globalization here or in China?
    >tom nagy
    >David Yu wrote:
    >> Dear Sir or Madam:
    >> I am a student in my senior year at Yale University. I was referred to
    >> this list by a friend, because I am working on a research focusing on
    >> the current situation of American youths who were involved in the
    >> sixties movements and their influence on Sino-U.S. relations. For sole
    >> research purposes, I am conducting a brief survey that could provide a
    >> wealth of information for my project.
    >> I have included my questionnaire in email format below, but I also
    >> included a copy as attachment in case you prefer filling it out in
    >> Microsoft Word. Would you please take a few minutes to fill it out and
    >> reply back to me? Since I expect to complete my research in a couple
    >> of months, I am anxious to receive some urgently needed results. This
    >> is not an easy research topic, but I am hoping for a successful
    >> project that can be possible only by generous help from you.
    >> I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation in advance for your
    >> precious time and valuable inputs for the research, and I look forward
    >> to hearing from you.
    >> Sincerely,
    >> David Yu
    >>                                       QUESTIONNAIRE  (total 18
    >> questions)      This is a survey related to research on the current
    >> situation of American youths who were involved in the sixties
    >> movements and their influence on Sino-U.S. relations.  (You may choose
    >> multiple answers for any question.)  Thank you for your
    >> cooperation. PERSONAL BACKGROUND:
    >> 1. In which kinds of activities were you involved during the
    >> sixties?    anti-war movement___,  civil rights movement___,  feminist
    >> movement___, SDS___,    urban reform programs___,  hippie
    >> activities___,    other counterculture
    >> experiments__________________________________; 2. What is your field
    >> of specialty and current occupation?
    >>      field of specialty_______________,
    >> occupation________________; 3. What is your educational level today?
    >>      B.A./B.S.___,  Masters Degree___,  Ph.D.___; 4. Do you still keep
    >> in touch with those who had also participated in the activities of
    >> the    sixties?              Yes_____,   No_____,   With some of
    >> them_____;  PRESENT THOUGHTS: 1.    Have your experiences from the
    >> sixties been affecting your life philosophy so far?
    >>            Completely____,  Somewhat____, not at all____; 2.    Do you
    >> believe that the generation of the sixties is:
    >>        *   seasoned by their experience and struggles and presently
    >> America^s mature            generation?            Yes____,   No____,
    >> My opinion_______________;       *   able to   adapt to the high-tech
    >> revolution?       Yes___,  No___,  barely____;       *   still playing
    >> important roles in our current era of economic
    >> globalization?            Yes____,   No____,   My
    >> opinion_______________________; 3.   Today, what is your opinion on
    >> the concepts and idealism (social equality, world peace,
    >> participatory democracy, free-love, etc.) that may have captivated you
    >> as a youth?
    >>       should be continually promoted___,  need re-evaluation___,
    >> ambivalent___, unsuitable for      today^s society___;   My
    >> opinion__________________________; 4.  Do you think that the concept
    >> of "politically correct" is the manifestation and extension of a
    >> sixties spirit?
    >>             Yes____,   No____,   My
    >> opinion________________________; 5. In the sixties, you fought against
    >> the biases, lifestyle, and societal order of your parents'
    >> generation.    With regard to your current position in life, have you:
    >>     fulfilled your idealistic dreams of the sixties?  ____ ,    or
    >> inherited the values and lifestyle of your parents?  ____ ,    or you
    >> have other views: __________________________;
    >> 6. Ever since four black students in Greensboro, N.C. sat in at a
    >> lunch counter to protest the "white-    only" policy in 1960, the
    >> nation has made strides towards being a more just society. Yet
    >> racial    tensions and hate-crimes exist in society today. Are you
    >> satisfied with the progress made in civil    rights?
    >>              Yes____, somewhat____   No____,    My
    >> opinion_________________________; 7. If you were involved in any
    >> anti-war activity in the sixties, do you find similarities between
    >> U.S.    intervention in Vietnam and recent U.S. military involvement
    >> in other parts of the world such as    Haiti, Iraq, Somalia, and
    >> Kosovo?
    >>              Yes___,   No___,  I would like to
    >> specify____________________________;
    >>     *    Do you support these actions?
    >>              Yes___,   No___,   My
    >> opinion_________________________________; 8. If you were influenced by
    >> the new call for a liberated womanhood such as that in Betty
    >> Friedan^s    Feminine Mystique or were involved in the struggle for
    >> women^s rights in the 1960s, do you still    hold the same convictions
    >> about women^s rights today?             Yes_____,   No____,
    >> Somewhat_____;
    >>     *    Are you satisfied with the improvements in equal rights for
    >> women?
    >>              Yes___,     No___,    I would like to
    >> specify___________________;  VIEW ON SINO-U.S. RELATIONS: 1. In which
    >> types of activities are you involved between the United States and
    >> China?
    >>     Business___,  Culture___,  Academics___,  Technology___,
    >> Education___, Tourism___,    Others__________;
    >> 2. How would you evaluate current relations between the U.S. and
    >> China?
    >>     Friendly cooperation___,  Competing partners___,  Hostile
    >> confrontation___, Optimistic___,    Pessimistic___,
    >> Other_____________; 3. What are your anticipations for the development
    >> of Sino-U.S. relations?
    >>     Constructive partnership___, Lots of difficulties, but there is
    >> light at the end of the tunnel___,    Unpredictable___,   My
    >> opinion___________________________; 4. Have you ever had the
    >> opportunity to share your experience from the sixties
    >>     and thoughts about it with your Chinese peers?
    >>              Yes___,  No___; 5. To which aspects of Sino-U.S.
    >> relations development do you think you could
    >>     possibly contribute?
    >>     Economy___,  Education___, Academics___, Science and
    >> Technology___, Culture___,    others_______________; 6. Do you think
    >> U.S. Permanent Normal Trade Relations (PNTR) with China,
    >>     and China^s accession to the WTO are positive moves?
    >>              Yes___,    No___,    Not sure___,    My
    >> opinion_______________________;
    >>     *   If China joins the WTO, the U.S. will have widened
    >> opportunities to do business in China.  Do         you plan to
    >> participate in relevant activities?
    >>              Yes___,    No___,     Yes, but without specific
    >> plan_____.
    >> YOUR COMMENT  (Optional):_______________________________________  THE
    >> END

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