[sixties-l] Gilead smoothies

From: PNFPNF@aol.com
Date: 11/19/00

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    I too have thought, though in terms probably different from David H.'s, of an 
    impolite right wing in the streets in the sequelae to the current election.  
    Perhaps in response to mildly-left/center demonstrations ff. a Bush 
    investiture--perhaps, one can imagine (I think--hope--it is pure 
    imagination), starting with the National Guard and a few "others". (What 
    sparks the imagination here is doubtless the concept, surely on many minds as 
    folks observe the "election", of a putsch.)  "Once there was a country that 
    took a wrong turn; its name was Gilead," sort of thing.
       More likely, it's appearing now, is that the ruling is already getting 
    together, behind the charade of recounts, to ignore the critical 19,000 Palm 
    Beach mis-votes, and, fronted by television anchors, smoothly to lead the 
    people to accept a (Bush, in the event) investiture and America's need to 
    "pull together," blah-blah.

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