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Date: 11/16/00

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    Date: Thu, 16 Nov 2000 13:39:11 EST
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    Subject: bad cops more questions
    michael writes
    <I'm looking for specific anecdotes of both kind of disruptive arrest -- in
    textual form, as precise citations of published literature, or via references
    to people who know more about particular incidents. >
    Are you looking for cops on the payroll of a police dept?
    FBI agents on payroll of FBI?
    Paid Police informers?
    Paid FBI  informers?
    An example of a paid fbi informer who got folks arrested ,  is George 
    DeMerle.  You can read the entire story in Dallas Observer March 16-22 l995.  
    It was written by Ann Zimmerman ( aka   Anita Hoffman ).  George among other 
    things is responsible for the arrest of Sam Melville (later assasinated 
    during the assult on inmates in Attica prison)  
    How about NYC Police Dept.  Bureau of special services police agent  
    Finnigan.  He and his men in plain clothes followed  policitcal activists 
    around at all political actions.
    How about the FBI agents who wrote to Rap H Brown when he got out of jail and 
    told him to "look over his shoulder , as Stockley was out to kill him"  This 
    is taken from Cointelpro docs.   I have about 350,000 docs describing lots of 
    illegal activities.  
    It might be easier to write bad cop stories if we narrow who you are looking 

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