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From: radman (resist@best.com)
Date: 11/14/00

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    Thought for the Week
    by Robert Anton Wilson
    8 As 128 Era Pataphysique
    for Col. Hugh Romney, USAF [ret.] - [aka Wavy Gravy]
    I have never enjoyed an election more, or had my animal spirits raised 
    higher by the results. I feel, in short, just like I did in Berlin the week 
    before the Wall came down: a quantum jump seems about to happen.
    My perennial candidate, Nobody, scored another stunning victory. The 
    majority of citizens simply ignored the Gush/Bore/TSOG* Control Machine, 
    and "voted for Nobody," i.e. didn't vote at all. Unlike alienated artists 
    of the past, I belong to the majority party, the millions who looked over 
    the candidates and decided they trusted Nobody.
    According to the latest [wobbly] figures, since Gush and Bore each got the 
    vote of [roughly] 25% of the eligible voters, and Nobody got the vote of 
    [roughly] 50%, then Nobody won. Adding the "protest votes" for Nader, 
    Browne etc., Nobody won even bigger, around 55%. since in this carefully 
    rigged system, third party votes are, in effect, votes for Nobody. The 
    people who voted for those "minority" candidates certainly didn't expect 
    them to win; they just expressed their contempt for the 2 Lying Bastards 
    more actively than those of us who just stayed home, got stoned and looked 
    at Three Stooges videos.
    I celebrate the majority with Whitmanesque rhapsody. The so-called Elite, 
    specifically, the  of 1% who own damn near everything, especially the 
    politicians and the media spent THREE BILLION DOLLARS on this malign fiesta 
    and still couldn't convince most of us that a choice between two 
    over-rouged old whores like Gush and Bore matters a damn.
    A few hours ago, I heard a pundit on CNN announce that whoever enters the 
    White House on 20 January 2001 will know that "half the country" regards 
    him as a fraud and usurper. As usual, the media got the facts wrong; they 
    ignored the landslide 55% who chose Nobody. Whichever Lying Bastard enters 
    the White House that day will seem a fraud and usurper to 80% of the 
    country, the 25% who prefer the other Lying Bastard + the 55% who prefer 
    This seems wonderful to me. Liberty can survive only as long as most people 
    distrust their government, and falls into decline and the "sickness unto 
    death " whenever the people trust a government too damn much.
    Besides, I think it's time to abolish politicians entirely and let 
    everybody participate in self-government via Internet. We needed 
    representatives in the 18th Century, because we couldn't all go to 
    Washington. Meanwhile, times changed and our "representatives" have sold us 
    out to the corporations, as we in the majority party all agree, whatever 
    our differences in other matters. And we don't need "representatives" 
    anymore; we have the Net technology to represent ourselves.
    In that evolutionary sense, every vote for Nobody really represents a vote 
    for Everybody.
    *TSOG [Tsarist Occupation Government]
    According to a widely discussed article by Seymour Hersh [The New Yorker, 
    May 22, 2000, pp. 49-82] our current Tsar [Gen. Barry McCaffrey] seems 
    guilty of war crimes under the Nuremberg rules. This surprises me about as 
    much as the news that the Pope lists his religious affiliation as Catholic, 
    or that furry mammals of the ursine family perform their excretory 
    functions in sylvan environments. Bill Clinton may be 77 kinds of 
    sonofabitch, as most of us think, but he's no fool. When he picks a Tsar, 
    he finds the right sort of man for the job. But with the march of 
    technology, and the almost daily announcements of new marvels and 
    monstrosities of genetic engineering Bore or Gush might surpass him; they 
    might dig up the bones and clone Ivan the Terrible.

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