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From: PNFPNF@aol.com
Date: 11/11/00

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    In the summer of 1967, a few of us went to leaflet the Enterprise, which was 
    docking in Oakland on a return from Vietnam.  People warned us "You'll get 
    killed down there" and the like; there were only five of us.  In fact, the 
    sailors coming off the ship gladly took our leaflets, often said "You're 
    right" or "I agree" or the like, and only in a handful of cases pretended to 
    ignore us or spoke against us.     
      Only a few weeks earlier, on a plane to the East Coast, I happened to be 
    sitting next to a middle-age man, in civilian clothes, who turned out to be 
    some (low-ranking) general on leave from Vietnam.  He too, when we spoke, 
    sometime during the trip, of the the war, agreed we needed to get out 
      These are mere anecdotes, but are among the, probably, millions showing how 
    great was Americans' sentiment against the war.

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