Re: [sixties-l] stop the theft of the election

From: monkerud (
Date: 11/10/00

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    Having 20,000 votes in an election that comes down to less than 1,000
    disputed votes smacks of what? I can't understand this writer's reasoning.
    Reason counts here not an accusation nor an ad hominem argument!
    I think Gore lost by the election being so close.  This could also throw
    the country into a crisis. We're a democracy... used to be democratic...
    and set the standards for stability around the world. Now we're revealed to
    have all sorts of questions about the election... the electoral college.
    Hell, we can't even elect a president!
    Anyone have confidence? Someone said Americans always muddle their way
    through but this isn't over yet. Bush and the no government, let the rich
    get richer folks, the oil and weapons corporations , the financial
    estabishment have won at least half the people to support their interest. A
    sad day for those of us who want to see a more equal society, rather than
    one dominated by the wealthy. (Gore would make only a minor difference in
    social policy and probably not stop the transfer of wealth from the lower
    ranks to the wealthy -- a large portion of it happened under Clinton. On
    the other hand, Bush will give away the country to special interests.)
    Stay tuned.
    Best, Don Monkerud
    At 10:53 PM -0500 11/8/00, Mark Bunster wrote:
    >I love Michael Moore, but he's wrong on this one. To equate the reasoned
    >deliberations of the founders with the yahoos who passed crazy civil
    >regulation laws, does the former a grave disservice. They knew what they
    >were doing. You can't change it just because your guy didn't win. If the
    >situation were reversed, as it was much more likely to have been the
    >predicted outcome, lefties all over the country would have shrugged their
    >shoulders and said, "Hey, that's the breaks. Gotta respect the
    >Constitution, eh, right wingers?"
    >Gore knew he wasn't running on the popular vote. That he might lose is
    >entirely his fault, and not a subversion of the will of the people.
    >But God I hope a couple electors get a conscience attack...

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