[sixties-l] Re: Bay Guardian and labor unions

From: PNFPNF@aol.com
Date: 11/10/00

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    Re Bill Mandel's question whether I know another paper currently doing more 
    what I believe in--and presuming he means in the U.S.--I think of Z and the 
    Nation, and then there are Street Sheet and Street Spirit that may be a 
    match, in many ways, and doubtless there are many others in other cities; but 
    even were there none, my points were/are the more general: 1)what *about* 
    progressive media etc. with reactionary labor practices? 2) how *does* a 
    nonprofit or other progressive (or even just would-be decent) institution 
    hold to good labor action/stance/behavior under capitalist 
    thought-structures/brainwash and competitive pressures?

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