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Date: 11/09/00

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    >[source: NativeNews; Wed, 08 Nov 2000]
    >CBC Fifth Estate: Silenced- The Execution of Anna Mae..Nov 8
    >8PM EST on CBET (CBC) television station
    >Tapes (or transcripts) of this show may be ordered by calling 1-800-363-1281
    >tapes run 55$ Canadian for the hour show
    >Those interviewed include:
    >John Trudell
    >Bob Robideau
    >Robert Ecoffey
    >Troy Lynn Yellow Wood
    >Candy Hamilton
    >Dennis Banks
    >Paul DeMain
    >Norman Zigrossi
    >Kamook Banks
    >John"Graham" aka John boy Patton
    >Russell Means
    >Robert Pictou Branscombe
    >and Anna Mae's two grown daughters
    >Historical film footage included scenes from WKII, Jumping Bull' compound
    >and the press coverage of Douglass Durham's speech in the mid 70s.
    >The show implied that the hit was ordered by AIM because Anna Mae was
    >suspected of being an informant.  Dennis Banks was asked if he ordered the
    >hit..he stated, "It was not something he could have done.  He loved her."
    >..also, "I would have spent the rest of my life with her."
    >John Boy Patton was asked flat out if he had murdered Anna Mae and
    >stated,"No, I did not murder her...and I didn't see who did."
    >Norman Zigrossi, retired FBI agent out of Rapid City stated, "No, Anna Mae
    >was not an informant."  reporter,"Would you have known about it if she
    >were?"  Response," Yes, I know who was an informant, I should, he was a
    >friend of mine."
    >Anna Mae had called John Trudell from the lockup (or hotel/motel) after
    >being arrested in Oregon in November.  (It is also logical she called her
    >attorney, Candy Hamilton back in SD.)  She told John Trudell she knew who
    >the informant was.  Anna Mae walked out of the hotel room and headed to
    >Colorado to Troy Lynn Yellow Wood's place where she was supposed to have
    >been taken after a couple of days to Rapid City and interrogated.  Candy
    >Hamilton claims to have been upstairs when this happened.
    >Russell Means states that there have been grand juries called, a witness
    >who has confessed and yet no one has been charged or prosecuted.  He says
    >the FBI keeps telling them the evidence is too weak to make a case.  John
    >Boy Patton says both the FBI and RCMP has knocked on his door more than once.
    >Kamook Banks (Nichols) currently employed in the film industry in
    >California states that she believes they suspected Anna Mae as an
    >informant, why else would they have had Anna come along?  That she and Anna
    >had been very close.  She had learned of the relationship between Anna and
    >Dennis the day before the arrest in Oregon.
    >Paul DeMain shuffled stacks of papers on his lap among which could be seen
    >reprints of FOIA documents at the www.freepeltier.org website.  He was
    >touted as essentially, the "expert" on the unsolved murder of Anna Mae.
    >For those of you who do not get CBC, or missed this segment of Fifth Estate
    >copies may be obtained from CBC by calling:  1-800-363-1281

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