Re: [sixties-l] Rebels with a Cause-quick review

Date: 11/08/00

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    In a message dated 11/8/00 2:16:21 AM EST, 
    Ron Jacobs <> writes:
    >the infiltration and disruption of predominantly 
    >white organizations like SDS was not taken seriously 
    >among many activists, even after the police riots 
    >at the Chicago Democratic convention in 1968 and 
    >the subsequent indictments of the eight radicals 
    >known as the Chicago Conspiracy on a gamut of 
    >federal charges.
    And, judging by all the flak I have endured on
    this list for having made the statement, "repression
    against political dissent is color-blind," it's
    still not being taken seriously !
     ~ Michael Wright
       Norman, Oklahoma
       Chairman, University of Oklahoma SDS, 67-68

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