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From: Lauter, Paul (lauter@exchange.cc.trincoll.edu)
Date: 11/08/00

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    Jeff wrote:
    >If Gore is elected, NOW, People for the American Way, Gloria Steinhem,
    >the AFL-CIO, NARAL, the Sierra Club, ADA, etc. will resume the
    >somnambulant positions they took during the Clinton-Gore administration.
    > To believe otherwise is to anticipate the tooth fairy. While there is
    >no guarantee these folks will show signs of life if Dubya wins, we know
    >Jesse Jackson will have his bags packed.
    	Yes, but there's a reason why Jackson's bags are packed and also why
    95% of African-American voters apparently went for Gore.  95%!  Look, I
    don't want to demean in any way the seriousness of my comrades who went for
    Nader, though I think they were mistaken.  Nor do I want to dispute the
    reasonable case that on certain issues Gore would likely be worse than Bush.
    Still, it seems to me that the reason blacks went so overwhelmingly for Gore
    was that they do not, by and large, have the luxury of social space that
    white (and middle class?) voters do have.  For many of us, Bush's
    election--if that's what it is--won't make that much direct difference.  For
    the overwhelming number of African Americans, as Paula pointed out, it
    matters big time.  "White skin privilege" in the voting booth?  Paul  

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