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From: Marty Jezer (
Date: 11/08/00

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    At 12:58 AM 11/6/2000 -0700, Jeff wrote:
    >I find it curious that Marty and others on this and other lists who are 
    Gore supporters don't recognize what a 
    Actually, I voted for Nader, an easy thing to do in Vermont. I despair for the
    left when 
    anyone who tries to present a balanced, that is objective, picture of where
    America is today is read out of "the movement," which increasingly seems to be
    like a fraternity more than a movement, where you have to cheer lead 100% and
    know all the right ideological -- and I would say, knee-jerk -- constructs.
    >And I should remind Marty, because, he is old enough to 
    >remember, that we were warned that if Nixon was elected, we would surely 
    >have fascism; then if Reagan was elected, we would surely have it; 
    No doubt there were some on the left who said it, but I certainly didn't and
    wouldn't have paid attention to anyone who did. For the record, in 1980, I was
    on the steering committee of the Vermont Citizens Party.
    >Genuine campaign reform is no more likely to happen under one administration
    or another
    It's passed in one form or another in four states. And yes, as I said, it will
    take a mass movement and grassroots pressure to have a chance in Congress.  If
    Jeff has given up on one of the necessary structural reforms that would make
    other reforms possible, what's the point of being involved in politics? 
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