Re: [sixties-l] Underground newspapers

From: Jeff Pickron (
Date: 11/06/00

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    I can't speak to other conservative "underground" newspapers of the time 
    but if you are interested in an analysis of the relationship between the 
    New Left and New Right in the 1960s you might want to look at Rebecca 
    Klatch's A Generation Divided.  She consults some libertarian journals in 
    her bibliography (Libertarian and Libertarian Forum).
    Jeff Pickron
    At 12:44 AM 11/6/2000 +0000, you wrote:
    >Hello, List members,
    >I recently came across an underground newspaper supported and written by 
    >members of Young Americans for Freedom. I am trying to gage whether this 
    >was an unusual practice for conservative college students during the late 
    >sixties. I would like to know if anyone on or around college campuses at 
    >the time (65-71) can recall similar newspapers.
    >Carrie Fox
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