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From: Ted Morgan (epm2@lehigh.edu)
Date: 11/05/00

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    >From:         Jonah Nadir Omowale
    > Sent:         Wednesday, November 1, 2000 2:08 AM
    > To:   brc-news@lists.tao.ca
    > Subject:      [BRC-NEWS] Lesser of Two Evils vs. Greatest Common Good
    > October 27, 2000
    > The Lesser of Two Evils or The Greatest Common Good
    > By Jonah Nadir Omowale <eclipseamerica@netscape.net>
    > Why all of a sudden is there all this attention on Ralph
    > Nader? Until a few days ago, the media and both major
    > parties have made every effort to not just ignore his
    > campaign, but to block his message from being heard. Even
    > going so far as to bar him from attending the debates,
    > much less participating. Now, because it looks like Gore's
    > blunders during those debates and throughout this campaign
    > are catching up to him, he and the media that backs him are
    > attacking Ralph Nader.
    > But, check it out: They aren't addressing the issues that
    > inspired Nader to run in the first place. They don't speak
    > about the corporate financing of government or the prison
    > industrial complex. They aren't mentioning the war on drugs
    > or abolition of the death penalty. Gore hasn't made any
    > attempt to argue with Nader's positions on universal health
    > care or raising the minimum wage. Al Gore is playing on your
    > fear of George W. Bush.
    > The media still isn't talking about Ralph Nader's stance on
    > the issues. They are just telling you that "a vote for Nader
    > is a vote for Bush." Ralph Nader was blocked from the debates
    > that would have given Al Gore a forum to refute Nader's charges
    > that he and Bush are the same. Gore has refused to address
    > those concerns and the people who have raised them.
    > Al Gore chose to ignore Ralph Nader and to run his race
    > against George W. Bush. He has essentially conceded defeat
    > in that battle so he must now pick on someone who has one
    > tenth of his standing in the polls. Mr. Gore and the
    > conservative leanings of the Democratic party created this
    > atmosphere by ignoring the progressives within their own
    > organization and ignoring the issues of the common American.
    > Now they are drowning in their own arrogance.
    > If Al Gore were really concerned about the people of the
    > Green Party and about the issues they have raised he would
    > debate Ralph Nader. He didn't do it before, but he has a
    > week and a half. Put up or shut up. Earn your constituents'
    > votes by addressing their concerns, not by playing on their
    > unfounded fears.
    > Those Nader supporters who are asking Ralph to drop out
    > of the race are the biggest cowards of all. If you choose
    > to protest, you must be willing to march from beginning
    > to end. Now it's like "Oh, we were just trying to get your
    > attention, Al. Ralph, ignore your principles and what you
    > have fought for all these years and endorse the lesser of
    > two evils."
    > I have joined this crusade because I believe in taking a
    > stand and fighting for the greatest common good. I don't
    > believe for one minute that George Bush will make matters
    > any worse for the millions of Americans who are poor and
    > hungry and have no health care or are locked in prison
    > because of medical conditions like addiction, because he
    > doesn't care enough about them to pay it the attention. I
    > don't believe that Al Gore has the guts to make it better
    > because those people don't contribute to his campaign. I
    > will not back down or change my stance because Al Gore and
    > the Democratic party have proven that they don't care about
    > the concerns of real Americans enough to truly address the
    > issues. They use scare tactics and smoke screens to divert
    > attention from the truth. Al Gore is more beholden to the
    > corporations than George W. Bush is. Bush is a corporation.
    > Gore, on the other hand owes them his political life.
    > Read up on the issues. Here are the links I have forwarded
    > countless times during the campaign:
    > http://www.blackelectorate.com/archives/071700.asp
    > These are things that affect real American citizens. They
    > affect the company you own and the corporation you work for.
    > This is about your life and the lives of your children both
    > born and unborn. Know and understand the truth and vote not
    > for the lesser of two evils but for the greatest common good.
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