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From: Jeffrey Blankfort (
Date: 11/04/00

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    John Williams wrote:
    > What about The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test by Tom Wolfe?
    > Where does it fit in the scheme of things?
    > John Williams
    It was a very entertaining book but Tom Wolfe was taken for a ride by
    some of the characters in beginning with Jack the Fluke and Tom Woods
    who took Wolfe not only in hand but I presume, from their PCP-tuned
    ability to manipulate, probably for much more. I knew the two from the
    Sausalito waterfront where I spent some time in the early 60s and when I
    lived on a ferry boat there in 1975. They were two very dangerous
    fellows, besides being funny, and the last thing I heard they were both
    doing time, but that was quite awhile ago. Another figure in the book
    who was identified only as Stark Naked, and who had been one of Neil
    Cassady's lovers-she was the one taken off the bus in Houston and
    temporarily placed in a mental ward,--was a good friend of mine until
    her death from cancer five years ago. Those who knew her considered her
    to be the first "flower child."  Where did the whole Ken Kesey adventure
    fit into the 60s? Certainly, for the drug culture it was a memorable
    point of reference, and for the more political,  Kesey's bus parked at
    anti-war rallies was always a welcome sight.
    Jeff Blankfort

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