From: Bill Mandel (wmmmandel@earthlink.net)
Date: 11/03/00

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    Barney Frank's letter to Nader is cogent, well-reasoned, and 
    factual to the best of my knowledge. I am voting for Nader, although I 
    have been most actively engaged in the struggle for African-American 
    rights since I was seventeen (see Black Scholar review of my "Saying 
    No To Power"), and literally a founding member of the women's 
    liberation movement. I have supported the struggle on behalf of gays 
    and lesbians since it began, although not active in it.
       Nader is not perfect. He arrived at understanding the need for a 
    people's party after decades of working for his goals through the 
    existing machinery of government, supplementing his remarkable and 
    successful appeals to public opinion. He is learning about other 
    issues and growing, right in this election campaign. The fact that 
    polls show him with eleven per cent of the gay vote, substantially 
    higher than his share of the total vote, indicates that a considerable 
    number of GLBT people understand the issue of overall progressivism 
    and building a party that will ALWAYS be on their side better than 
    Barney Frank does. That is the issue.
    																																					Bill Mandel

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