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Date: 11/03/00

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    Postscript to my response to Michael Wright. How can one be aware of 
    the Cointelpro physical extermination of the Black Panthers' 
    leadership nationwide until the organization became ineffectual, and 
    not understand that the government practices discrimination against 
    African-Americans in the sphere of political repression as in all 
         Permit an excerpt from my Saying No To Power:
         "Nineteen sixty-nine closed with an event in which commitment to 
    the advancement of Blacks required physical courage. Early in 
    December, Chicago police conducted a pre-dawn raid, murdering BNlack 
    Panther leader Fred Hampton in his bed. THIS WAS PART OF A NATIONWIDE 
    DECIMATED. Later that month word came down that a similar raid would 
    occur upon the founding Black Panther organization, that of Oakland, 
    although its headquarters was actually a couple of blocks over the 
    line in Berkeley. Whites were needed to stand guard around the 
    building, in the hope that police would not shoot randomly into them. 
    Tanya and I went down, and found about fifty other whites there. Most 
    were 1960s youth, but there were others in their 50s, chiefly old-time 
    radicals like ourselves. By the close of the '60s, would-be 
    world-changers were divided into at least half-a-dozen warring sects: 
    Maoist, Trotskyist of several varieties, pro-Soviet Communist. After 
    the fashion of religious sectarians from time immemorial, they would 
    not even speak to each other, and there had been a couple of violent 
    incidents. In the aftermath of the People's Park military occupation 
    and mass shooting, willingness to be at Panther headquarters that 
    night was a litmus test of sincerity. I felt a surge of warmth to all 
    present. They were the core who meant what they said."
    													WilliM Mandel

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