[sixties-l] To Nader or not to Nader

From: Jeffrey Apfel (japfel@risd.edu)
Date: 11/02/00

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    I think progressives are right to stick to their guns, so to speak, and vote for Nader.
    It is all too easy, however, in the morality-based politics of the left (or the right,
    for that matter) to forget that one's point of view is just one of many in a pluralistic
    society.  The center would not be where it is, and where Bush and Gore were headed, if
    the votes weren't there.
    So you are welcome to a politics of dissent, and your dissent may in fact be
    well-founded.  Just don't kid yourself about the voice of the people.  At least I
    learned that much in the sixties.
    Jeff Apfel

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