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From: Bill Mandel (
Date: 11/01/00

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    I really wish folks who think I may know of something from personal 
    experience would check my Saying No To Power before asking me to 
    respond personally. But as a direct answer to that then-child's oral 
    history reminiscence, here's what happened. We were on Sunrise Highway 
    on the way to the cemetery where the Rosenbergs had just been 
    interred, when State Troopers blocked it so no more mourners would be 
       I told the driver of the car I was in to stop dead on the highway. 
    I signalled the cars in our caravan to pull alongside and block all 
    lanes. I then hopped out, walked to the cars of Sunday beach-goers 
    that had had to stop behind us, told them that we didn't want to spoil 
    their day off but we wished merely to pay our respects to people we 
    thought had been unjustly executed. 
       The jam behind us apparently totalled to what was estimated, 
    presumably from planes or choppers, as seven thousand cars, for that 
    was the number the next day's New York Herald Tribune (country's 
    leading Republican paper then) said was the number in the mourning 
       The cops let us proceed, but directed us to a rear entrance to the 
    cemetery. My car was in the lead. The rear entrance was locked. I told 
    the driver to push gently until the lock broke. He did, and we were 
    able to pay our respects.
    																												Bill Mandel

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