Re: [sixties-l] Re: to Nader to Gore to whose ox

From: Bill Mandel (
Date: 11/01/00

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    Regarding Paula on voting for Nader where Gore can't lose, and Gore 
    otherwise. I honestly don't understand the fears. They have been put 
    forth in every election since 1948, when Henry Wallace, who would have 
    spared us the Cold War, was wiped out for fear that Dewey would beat 
    Truman. The fact is that we do have a system of checks and balances. 
    The guys who wrote our Constitution were downright brilliant. The only 
    thing that can bring about sharp change is essentially lifetime rule 
    by a president pointed in a new direction. That was possible with 
    Roosevelt, who was elected four times, and even he, to win that 
    fourth, had to dump Henry Wallace as vice-president in favor of a 
    non-entity, Truman. 
       Conservatives learned from that experience, and passed the 
    Constitutional amendment limiting presidencies to two terms. So one 
    certainly can get a gradual shift. Reagan did, within his two terms, 
    bring us a new institution in American life: mass-scale homelessness 
    in good times. But other than that, movement to the Right has, in 
    fact, been glacial. When Gingrich tried to bring about qualitative 
    change, he was dumped in a single Congressional term.
        It will be hard enough, under our system, for a people's party to 
    shft the country leftward. Don't make it harder by destroying the best 
    chance to build one we've had in half a century.
    																					Bill Mandel

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