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Date: 11/01/00

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    Jane Lekus wrote:
    >  WW II., associated with Bond Drives (Liberty Bonds?).
    War Bonds. Liberty Bonds were WW 1 -- and there was a huge difference.
    My grandfather had purchased liberty bonds during WW1, and when he
    desperately needed the money during the farm depression of the '20s he
    had to sell them at a loss on the open market. They couldn't be cashed
    in before maturity. War Bonds could be cashed in at any time. (I don't
    remember how much interest was lost.) Given the experience with Liberty
    Bonds they wouldn't have been able to sell them without that change. War
    Bonds were 18.75 (37.50, 75, etc) and at maturity (10 years) paid 25,
    50, etc. I believe they were exempt from state taxes.

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