[sixties-l] Re: to Nader to Gore to whose ox

From: PNFPNF@aol.com
Date: 11/01/00

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    I respect, and my own vote may well be affected by, the arguments here for 
    voting for Nader.  But let me ask those who feel the (trivial but real) 
    midgeon of difference between Ds and Rs is too tiny to balance the potential 
    good of a 5+% vote for Nader: Would you feel this is your post-worklife 
    health care would only come with COBRA (or from what you could, hah-hah, buy 
    on the "open insurance market"), and/or your only "pension" a smidgeon of 
    social security, and/or your capacity to stay "housed" dependent on 
    government aid in some form, and/or your child's physical or emotional health 
    had no recourse but what few public programs are left?  
          Of course, I can turn this around--and agree with that Roosevelt to 
    Mussolini/Pinochet progression (marvelously put!).
          Possibly, there IS sense to the (not purist but perhaps most 
    efficacious) resolution one of you suggested.  In the states where Gore is 
    leading well, vote for Nader; in states like California etc. where it's very 
    close, hold one's nose and vote lesser-evil (and yes we do know which is the 
    lesser evil).  
           Though I sometimes doubt the votes in presidential elections get 
    counted, over the precinct level or so, anyway.

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