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Date: 10/31/00

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    >Could you please explain what you mean about the above statement. When/where
    >did this happen and how did she make a mockery of the antiwar effort?
    >   Also , her name is not bernadette it is Bernardine (spell?)
    A mockery is strong.  But the Weathermen did do some strange events.  Their 
    first big event was the wild in the streets demo, where they wore helmets 
    and attacked cops.  That mainly got them police records.  The idea was to 
    mobilize the youth culture but the Weathermen far over estimated that, 
    especially their or anyones ability to organize it.
    They also went into high school class, shouting things about the War, about 
    school being out and the women stripped.
    They experimented with communal living which is general a good idea but 
    they included drugs and mass orgies.  What that did was give them a 
    insulated sense.  They separated themselves off from society, something 
    that is actually not possible.
    They in this state came up with wild theories about politics that were 
    unrelated to the rest of the country.
    Even though I had my life disrupted by them, directly and indirectly, I did 
    appreciate their existence, that we did have an underground group, even 
    though it was a flaky.
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