[sixties-l] Fwd: Billionaries for Bush Demonstration

From: Bill Davis (whdavis2@ix.netcom.com)
Date: 10/31/00

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    I thought the group would get a kick out of this action in Tallahassee, 
    >From: "Tom Baxter" <tombaxter@talstar.com>
    >To: "TALLAHASSEE NOW" <tombaxter@talstar.com>
    >Date: Sun, 29 Oct 2000 01:23:41 -0500
    >Subject: Billionaries for Bush Demonstration
    >Reply-To: tombaxter@talstar.com
    >Organization: Tom Baxter, VfP & VVAW
    >You are invited to join Billionaires for Bush when we visit the
    >Center to deliver soft money.
    >  Date: Tuesday, October 31, 2000
    >  Time: Ask your chauffer to drop you off before 12:30 p.m., or
    >join us to
    >ride in our limousine at noon. Call for meeting place. We will
    >return to the
    >mansion by 1 p.m. for a catered lunch.
    >  Place: Republican Center, Republican Center, E. Jefferson and
    >S. Meridian
    >(across from Riley House, downhill from county courthouse)
    >  Attire: Please dress appropriately whether you got your billions
    >old money or new money, oil money or dot.com money (or Conseco
    >stock options), we encourage you to dress for the occasion.
    >includes black tuxedo or suit or evening gown, furs, cigars,
    >diamonds, gold
    >jewelry, fancy scarves, long gloves, cummerbunds, and cigarette
    >However, in recognition of the free spirited billionaires among
    >us, yachting
    >outfits and polo club uniforms and other wealthy casual outfits
    >may be worn.
    >Signs and banners: Please bring your own tasteful and elegant
    >signs and
    >banners.  Advise your servants that black or red on white in
    >clear block
    >letters is the easiest to read from the greatest distance.  A
    >little gilding
    >around the edges provides a nice touch. Join us for sign making
    >for an hour
    >at Leon Co. Public Library Monday 6 p.m.  Supplies provided,
    >gilding. Look for sign for meeting room or check with information
    >  Some suggested slogans:
    >        Vote for Bush...Because Inequality is not Growing Fast
    >        Free the Forbes 400!
    >        We're paying for America's free elections (so you don't
    >have to)!
    >        Bribery will get you everything.
    >        Corporations are people, too.
    >        Don't judge a man until you have walked a mile in his
    >        People don't vote, money does.
    >        Taxes are unfair to billionaires!
    >        Big money united shall never be defeated!
    >        Wealth care not health care!
    >        Welfare for the wealthy!
    >        Presidents are good investments!
    >RSVP: Call our social secretary, Linda Miklowitz, office 656-0012,
    >indicate how many you are bringing and to get additional information
    >"The spookiest thing this Halloween is the prospect of another
    >Bush in the
    >White House," said National Organization for Women (NOW) President
    >Ireland.  "When the rest of the country is putting on their costumes,
    >will unmask George W. Bush to reveal the true threat he would
    >pose to the
    >country if elected president.
    >"George W. Bush is like a vampire who will suck our rights away,"
    >said.  "We don't need a president who will appoint Supreme Court
    >who will send us back to the times of back alley abortions and
    >we surely
    >don't need a nightmare on Pennsylvania Avenue."
    >For further information, call Linda Miklowitz, 656-0012.
    >If you have no idea why you got this email, maybe the reason
    >is that someone sent us an email with you as a cc.
    >You might have signed a petition or a request for information.
    >As you wil note, this email provides information about some action
    >to be taken or event in which you may be interested in.
    >I've spent months over the last 30 years trying to inform people,
    >this is so much easier.
    >If you want to be removed from any or all, please repy with Unsubscribe
    >in the subject line and off you go.

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