[sixties-l] Re: Voting

From: Bill Mandel (wmmmandel@earthlink.net)
Date: 10/31/00

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    I disagree most strongly that how one votes for president depends 
    upon how the race is going in the state in which you live. What race? 
    Bush is a good-old-boy ignoramus the very notion of whose election as 
    president is shameful. Yet the people are so disgusted with what has 
    been done with power and how it is wielded that the polls show they 
    see no more point to voting for Gore. Worse, the percentage who think 
    that voting makes a difference has dropped to hwere less than half 
    will bother.
        The issue is simply whether or not the election will put an 
    alternative party in a position to reach the entire people next time 
    on something at least remotely approaching an equal basis, thanks to 
    government campaign funding. Do we build a movement for change, or 
    don't we? That's what Nader represents. Instead of agonizing over 
    whether to waste a vote of Mr. Me-Too, one should get off the computer 
    and go knocking on doors of non-computer peole to build the Nader vote 
    to a certainty of that magical five per cent.
    																				Bill Mandel

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