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Date: 10/29/00

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    <Bill Mandel has been correct on this one. I hardly 
    <believe that one can extrapolate the experience 
    <of Norman, Oklahoma to make a statement, such
    <as you have, that the repression of dissent in 
    <the US is truly color-blind.
     And I hardly believe the difficulty which many
     leftists have in meeting the challenge of shifting 
     from an ideological to a scientific paradigm when 
     evaluating a question.
     Absolutely nothing I wrote indicated a view that
     the experience of Norman settled the question. 
     My statement about the Norman experience "sustaining"
     the hypothesis merely meant that it would not
     cause a scientific investigator to reject it.
     In the paragraph right above my comment about
     Norman, I stated that good scholarship would
     require evidence to be viewed from numerous
     communities.  Committed ideologues often don't
     notice such things. 
    <When they went looking for their bodies, they 
    <drained a small pond in Philadelphia, Mississippi, 
    <and found the bodies of 23 others, all black
    <men, all murdered, and all unreported.  Why were 
    <they killed?  We'll never know, maybe some for 
    <expressing what passed for dissent in
    <Philadelphia, Mississippi. 
     And maybe not. He admits we'll "never know"
     why they were killed.  Because of this, the
     evidence, while emotionally charged, is absolutely
     irrelevant to the question of whether state-
     sponsored repression of political dissent is
     color-blind, as I have argued.
     ~ Michael Wright
       Norman, Oklahoma 

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