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From: Ted Morgan (
Date: 10/29/00

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    I'm not a regular reader of Lingua Franca, but I read it occasionally.  It's
    not bad for staying a little critically current on some higher-ed politics,
    but I would say it veers in the postmodernist/ identity politics direction as
    opposed to the political economy direction of a "left" analysis, and it isn't
    consistently that, either.  It is the publication that had the silly, I
    thought, article about "Who Owns the Sixties" by Rick Perlstein, that posited
    a "generational" conflict over the 'correct' interpretation of the 60s
    --something I don't think is generational at all, but rather ideological.
    This article didn't get that slant at all, really.
    monkerud wrote:
    > I know a number of people on this list are academics and I understand
    > LinguaFranca is an academic journal.
    > I know little about the journal's politics, viewpoint, etc. except I know
    > we've seen excerpts here from it.
    > Does anyone read it regularily? Make any recommendations for reading it?
    > best, Don Monkerud

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