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From: Jane Lekus (jane.lekus@the-spa.com)
Date: 10/29/00

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    Regarding Bill's statement about walking the Rosenberg children around Shea Stadium while their parents were awaiting execution:
    I was at the first Opening Day at Shea Stadium in April 1964; the Rosenbergs were executed in June, 1953.
    Several weeks ago I was surprised at the uproar over Al Gore's statement that he had been on the same plane as FEMA officials, when it turned out he hadn't. After all, there are so many more important flaws of his to point out. But I guess that small slip-up is like a grain of sand - irritating and distracting my attention from the general point.
    Those of us who are not professional historians look to those of you who are for several things. Primarily I look to those who "bore witness" to the events of forty years ago to leave an accurate record of the factual events of the times. The intersection of these facts with your analyses, subjective motivations, subsequent activities and and evolving world view is what will be left to inspire our children and grandchildren . Carrol Cox is right - in 2010 someone will come screaming down the beach. I hope  to give the historical and emotional foundation so that  "...are you for or against humanity?..."  can be answered instinctively.
    Jane Lekus

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