[sixties-l] Would like critque of new book (if anyone has read it)

From: Jwillims@aol.com
Date: 10/28/00

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    I know this is the sixties list
    but I was wondering if anyone has read
    "The 70's: How we got here: the 70's:
    The decade that brought you modern life- for better or worse".
    The author is David Frum.
    His thesis is that the political uphevals of the 60's
    "were transformed into an upheaval in habits, beliefs, and morals, and not the
    habits, beliefs, and morals of an elite few, but of a quarter-billion souls 
    out across a vast continent.....it was in the supposedly quiescent 1970s that 
    absorption took place."
    If anyone has read this book I would like their take on it.
    John Williams

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