[sixties-l] Re: elections 1968

From: PNFPNF@aol.com
Date: 10/27/00

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    Lauter brings up a good point re the 1968 elections and today.  Yeh, we 
    laughed Nixon and Humphrey were the same...and of course they were, but that 
    smidgeon of difference might have saved some lives.  At the same time, 
    I--very involved that year in the Peace and Freedom Party--still think it was 
    the time for a third-party push; and I respect the points made by Ted Morgan 
    and others here of the rather similar import to Nader's push now.       
    But...last night my 22 year old son asked (he'd been reading of some movie 
    coming, on the Cuban Crisis) "Was the world at that point really on the edge 
    of nuclear war?"--and I told him yes and so on, and remembered 1964, 
    nuke-advocating Goldwater vs. LBJ (and the war), etc.; what if we *had* had 
    Goldwater.       And the excess deaths etc. here under (primarily--no, hardly 
    only) republican administrations.     And finally am doubtful any electoral 
    outcome is what can stop the continuing, incredibly dangerous, murderous 
    rightward drift.   Nader and longterm strategy? perhaps; but what about those 
    excess dead in the interim?

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