Re: [sixties-l] RE: Vietnam retrospective

From: Carrol Cox (
Date: 10/26/00

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    "Lauter, Paul" wrote:
    >         Third, I don't buy the theory that anti-Left activity derived mainly
    > from a reaction to movement excesses in and after 1968.  Yes, that was an
    > element.
    There is a fundamental weakness to all arguments that ascribe left weakness to
    left excesses. There will *always* be excesses (both "sincere" and created by
    police provocateurs) -- so a left that can't flourish despite any and all
    excesses is a left that isn't going anyplace. Complaining about left excesses is
    like complaining about the weather. Excesses of all kinds are just part of
    capitalist weather. There's a nice passage in the Anti-Duhring where Engels
    lists all the hangers-on in any workers' movement.
    Carrol Cox

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