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Date: 10/25/00

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    << On Michael Wright's closing point regarding the relative policies of 
     other former slave states regarding discriminatory executions of 
     Blacks and discriminatory disposition of bodies for dissection or the 
     families, my caveat was solely for the sake of careful scholarship. I 
     have no reason whatever to believe that the other states were better 
     than Virginia.
        I have to say that Wright's position represents a particularly 
     short-sighted and old-fashioned form of white chauvinism. >>
     And Mandel's statement about me, while contributing nothing to
     "careful scholarship," represents a "particularly short-sighted and
     old-fashioned" form of name-calling.  
     While denouncing my "position," he continues to evade dealing
     with it.  My position is that in this country's history, white radicals
     who seriously and openly oppose the ruling elites have enjoyed 
     no special exemption from the axe of political repression because 
     of our skin color.  While continuing to talk about what was done to 
     Blacks in the old South, he has yielded no data whatsoever to
     contradict my statement.
    >Post-slavery law in the South. . .was specifically crafted and even 
    >more specifically enforced as a means of political terrorism against 
     I don't doubt it for a minute.  But before denouncing my "white 
     chauvinist" position, Mandel ought to examing the campaign
     of violence and repression -- spanning for decades -- against labor
     organizers and activists.  They were mostly white folks, and 
     their white skins didn't protect them.   For details I recommend
     Robert Goldstein's book Political Repression in Modern America.
     Further, white Americans who visibly aligned themselves with
     the black struggle in the old South also enjoyed no privilege.
     Just ask the relatives of Viola Liuzzo and other whites who were
     murdered (for example, of the Cheney, Schwerner, and Goodman 
     trio, two members were white). 
     The left suffers from its own peculiar form of reverse racism, 
     which sees black suffering as sacred and repression against
     white activists as insignificant.
     Serious scholars not contaminated with this form of PCism have
     begun to recognize that working class whites in this country have
     become the new scapegoats.  For a series of informative commentaries 
     on this, go here:
      ~ Michael Wright
         Norman, Oklahoma

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