Re: [sixties-l] Critique of Bruce Franklin

From: Bill Mandel (
Date: 10/25/00

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    Just to express agreement with Chris Shugart that most politicians are 
    moved only by actions that affect, involve, or influence a voting 
    constituency. However, there are times when they can recognize a real 
    crisis, and act accordingly. At least, the most intelligent of them 
    do, and from time to time an intelligent person appears in politics.
    Franklin Roosevelt starting acting on the Great Depression the moment 
    he entered office, not when re-election was a near prospect. Bill 
    Clinton also started acting as soon as he was in power -- health care, 
    for example. Unfortunately, his proposed measures were so carefully 
    calculated for their impact on every conceivable voting constituency 
    that they crumbled out of their complexity.
    																																											William Mandel

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