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Date: 10/25/00

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    >All opinion polls and anti-war demonstrations aside, no one has mentioned
    >what effect lowering the voting age to 18 may have influenced Vietnam war
    >policy in particular, and the political landscape in general. I tend to
    >believe that most protest demonstrations (then, as well as now) have little
    >effect on the political establishment unless it accompanies a tangible
    >voting constituency. I'm no political consultant, but I know how
    >politicians think. As long as they get their votes, they can ignore
    >everything else, in spite of what they might say about being "sensitive to
    >the issues."
    >Chris Shugart
    True enough, but didn't 18 year olds first get to vote in the 1972
    election? And how did that turn out?!! Data since then indicates clearly
    that 18-24 year olds simply do not vote in any substantial numbers - They
    are, I believe, the lowest voting cohort in the US.
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