Re: [sixties-l] real news about SDS film

Date: 10/24/00

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    <Regardless of Bill's "warning," SDS was the principal 
    <national organization. This should be followed with 
    <an explaination of how Progressive Labor Party, a 
    <Communist Party group out of NYC, took over the
    <democratic organization in a well orchestrated attack led 
    <by secret "cadres."
     In his chapter on student protest, Jerome Skolnick,
     author of The Politics of Protest (Clarion, 1969)
     writes that SDS became "the most widely publicized
     and perhaps the most influential of student political
     groups [on the left] formed in the early 1960's."
     He also said that SDS vastly overshadowed in size
     and reputation the other left-wing groups, such
     as the DuBois Clubs, the Young Socialist Alliance,
     and Progressive Labor.
     Although it did infiltrate (and some would  say disrupt) 
     SDS, Progressive Labor was not a Communist Party 
     group. It was Marxist-Leninist-Maoist.
      ~ Michael Wright
         Norman, Oklahoma

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